Public Advocacy

Raising public's awareness to palliative and hospice care and continuously hosting event to engage palliative community and attract public's attention.




Publishing educational material: brochures, pamphlets, handbooks, videos, posters, online info, etc.



 Life Education

Offering life education with palliative concepts to schools, stressing the important concept of advance care planning. 



 Education and Training for Professionals

Conducting continuation education/ training program and workshops for palliative professions.



 Financial Aids

Offering financial aids for medical expenses, hospitalization, nurse aide, home visit transpotation and emergency cases. ※ apply via contract hospitals/ institutions


 International Relations

Organizing overseas training, visit and attending/ hosting international conference. Assisting foreign palliative professionals from aboard to visit hospice ward or receive training.


 Contract Hospitals / Institutions

Encouraging hospitals and long-term care facilities to contract with the HFT by sending out consulting teams to help advocate palliative care.