Hospice Foundation of Taiwan


The Hospice Foundation of Taiwan was established in 1990 by MacKay Memorial Hospital and Shuanlien Presbyterian Church in 1990.

It is the first NPO in Taiwan advocating for hospice and palliative care. It will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in year 2020.


Future Prospects

Looking back, we have encountered many difficulties on the journey of promoting the hospice and palliative care in Taiwan. We once had to keep training professional staff due to the insufficient trainings and high turnover rate. Because the issues of death were such taboos to the public, it made the fundraising become very difficult. We also felt frustrated for not having enough hospice beds and inadequate hospice care qualities. What upset us the most was that people would not let themselves or their family members accept the hospice and palliative care services. In despite of the setbacks, there is still a lot of work for us to do. In the future, the Hospice Foundation of Taiwan will continue to make efforts on the followings:

  1. Popularizing the life education to the educational institutions and the public.
  2. Continually holding the educational training programs to the hospice and palliative care professionals.
  3. Developing the hospice and palliative care services in Taiwan and making it known internationally.
  4. Enhancing the acceptance of the hospice and palliative care by the public.
  5. Assisting the national-wide hospitals to establish hospices. 
  6. Making the hospice and palliative care service available to those non-terminally-ill patients.


Along the journey, we appreciate many people’s supports and encouragements. With their expectations and hopes, the Hospice Foundation of Taiwan has established many achievements in the hospice and palliative care field. At present, the hospice wards have established gradually one after one. More and more medical professionals dedicate themselves to the hospice and palliative care service. With the increasing recognitions and supports by the public and government as well as the content smiles from the terminally ill patients and their family members, we truly believe that every step we take in the future will be firm and steady.