Q20- After I have made my Advance Directive, is it possible that if I still have a chance to be cured, an accident occurs that causes the doctor to give up on me?

No. PSDA clearly states that besides advance cancer patients, four categories of patients are entitled to decide whether they would terminate, remove or decline resuscitation treatment or feeding tubes. However, before enforcing this right, patients will need to be diagnosed by two specialist physicians, and consulted by the palliative team twice to make sure the patients’ clinical status applies to the Act, so as to make up the patient’s Advance Directive. The process is discreet and strict, so it is impossible for patients who still have a chance to be cured be given up on because of the Advance Directive.

PSDA has also regulated that medical institutes and physicians can only perform palliative and hospice care to patients who conform with Art.14 (1) the five clinical statuses and Art.14 (2) which has been diagnosed by two specialist physicians and consulted with the palliative team twice; otherwise, there should be no delay in providing proper emergency care or relevant required measures to patients.